A Classic Automobile Of Our Very Own!!

I have never considered myself a real “GEAR-HEAD”. Changing the oil or fixing a flat tire, is just about the extent of my auto maintenance experience. When it comes to working on or caring for any type of automobile, I am inexperienced. I consider myself less than mechanically inclined. I am a State of Iowa Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer, and have been for better than thirty years. I have found wonderful ministry in funeral service. My big teddy bear frame and social ease in any situation provide capable comfort to the grieving. My profession is where I excel, but someone tell me the last time anyone dreamed of putting a classic casket in their garage. Showing a burial crypt in their lawn.

Going For A Cruise.

I have come to a point in my life where a two seat car will serve my wife and I, just as well as a mini-van. Let me be clear, any dream I have of doing for the rest of my life, involves my partner, Michelle and sharing happy times together. Michelle and I have been together since we were fifteen years old. She is my wife, but more that that, Michelle is the greatest friend anyone could ever wish to have. I am truly blessed. We have raised three wonderful men. The both of us continue to work, but we are now looking forward to spending more time with our sons, traveling and just plain having fun. Although, the two of us are able to make a grand time in any situation. A sturdy chunk of well painted, shiny, smooth running, top-down, Classic American Muscle Automobile would make any weekend drive enjoyable.

GTO, Camaro, or Mach Mustang!!

The world of beautiful automobiles is a menu unlimited selection. The car I dearly want in my garage, is one of these three. A late 1960’s Pontiac GTO, a late 1960’s Chevy Camaro or an early 1970’s Ford Mach Mustang. In my non-“gear-head” adapted lingo, I am not sure if Mach comes before or after Mustang. It is my dream, so it comes before. Apologies to Henry. Any one of those cars in fine condition would definitely sound very “BAD ASS” coming down the street.

A Car For Driving Or Looking At?

No question, my car will be for driving. Looking at a vintage 1960-70’s cars is always going to be important. That is what car shows are for. I definitely want a very pretty car. A nice paint job with shiny wheels. But, this guy is not going to get caught up in whether the car numbers match, or if the water pump is original. That to me screams some guy’s Corvette mid-life crisis. Like worrying if the rubber is coming out on the wind-shield. Oh Shit!!! It’s the end of the world.

Pride In The Miles.

I have a dream of taking my car south or west for a winter. Just Michelle and I in a sporty car. We would take our time driving to Key West. Another year maybe drive to San Francisco, by way of Santa Fe, Phoenix, San Diego and Malibu. Find friends and family along the way. In a recent Christian Biography on Steve McQueen, the author drove his restored “Bullitt” Mustang throughout the continental United States. All the while, telling the story of the great actor Steve McQueen and how his difficult youth, then movie stardom, brought him to Christ. Many do not realize, all happening before Steve was diagnosed with cancer and premature death. It is a great story for faith and cars alike.

Memories More Than Miles

In the end, I really do not even care if the couple in the car ever leaves the great State of Iowa. I want to have as many happy times together as we are able. If that means Sunday afternoon drives to see our guys, then those will be great memories and very happy times. The way our lives have evolved, who knows, maybe we will come across a vintage Jaguar or Mercedes. I know the fun is in the journey. I look so forward to sharing this journey with as many folks as we may get interested. But, I do have a few additional items I would like to run by everyone.

The Everything Classic Muscle Car Site!!

Achieving my dream of have a great classic car, truly, is only one minor facet of what it is I want to build here. First, the ability to find and let go, buying and selling great cars will be another. Next, restoring and rebuilding, finding great parts and products for cars another. Of course, we have to build a constant cruise. So, I would like many new members to submit their car’s photos and stories for public view. We will call it our constant cruise or maybe scooping the loop 24/365!! Let the journey begin!!